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Case of the month.
Sonogram of the fetal abdomen in the 2nd trimester.

Online Teaching Files
Membership to our site will provide you with access to the full collection of online teaching files.  Cases and their discussions can be viewed individually from a list sorted by diagnosis. Alternatively, one can view a selection of images as unknowns and click on any of the images to read a full discussion of the entity.

 Reference Charts and Tables

Gestational Sac Size
Gestational Sac Size, HCG & MA
Crown-rump Length
Biparietal Diameter
Head Circumference
Head Circumference (%)
Abdominal Circumference
Abdominal Circumference (%)
Femur Length
Teratogenic Cardiac Malformations
Association of Cardiac Disease with Anomalies
Fetal Long Bone Measurement
Amniotic Fluid Index

Nasal Bone Length

Ear Length

Choroid Plexus Cyst and Echogenic Intracardiac Focus - Recommendations

Cardiac Outflow Tract Abnl.
Thoracic Circumference
4 Chamber View and Malformations
AIUM Guidelines
Risk of Trisomy 18 with Choroid Plexus Cyst
Maternal Age Specific Odds of Fetal Down's Syndrome based on Non-structural Findings
Maternal Age-Specific Risk of Trisomy 18 with Choroid Plexus Cyst
Likelihood Ratios and Risk of Trisomy 21 based on Humeral Length (Bahado-Singh)
Ultrasound Criteria and Likelihood Ratios assigned for Detection of Trisomy 21 (Nyberg)
Likelihood Ratios and Risk of Trisomy 21 based on Nuchal Thickness (Bahado-Singh)

Middle Cerebral Artery - Peak Systolic Velocity (Kurmanavicius)

Middle Cerebral Artery - Peak Systolic Velocity (Mari)

Fetal Microcephaly - Biparietal Diameter (-SD)

 Recommended Links

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University of California, San Francisco, Department of Radiology
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The Fetus.net - Dr. Phillipe Jeanty

Syndrome Search - National Center for Biotechnology Information
N. Shinozuka, M.D.'s Web Page on Fetal Morphometric Data
UCSF-Fetal Treatment Center
Fetal Echocardiography Images / U Penn
MyMiniFellowhip - An Incredible Teaching Resource from Dr. Roy A. Filly, MD



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